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In this paragraph The positive effects of rhythm and melody are now recognized by WHO : reduction of anxiety and pain. lowering of blood pressure, reduction of certain side effects. And even brain repair in very premature babies

First, this article comes from Sciences et Avenir magazine n ° 879 dated May 2020, « Special coronavirus ».

Riddle. Which treatment, depending on the case, soothes or stimulates, is consumed without moderation or risk of side effects, is easy to access, simple to use, always accessible and without any risk of shortage? The summer music mix. Whether you listen to it or practice it, solo or in a group, as a result it undoubtedly does us « good ». So much so that the World Health Organization (WHO), convinced of its benefits, published a report a few weeks ago devoted to its effects – and that of art in general – on improving health and performance. well-being.

« The approach known as music summer mix therapy, of psychoanalytic inspiration at its beginnings in the 1970s, has long remained purely empirical. Some may have originally exaggerated its effects or misinterpreted them », explains Professor Hervé Platel, neuropsychologist at the University of Caen Normandie, one of the first researchers in France to use neuroimaging techniques to study the effects of best song music mix on the brain. In fact, practices have not always been evaluated or standardized. But over time, melodies and rhythms have imposed their abilities to relieve, help, accompany, sometimes even touch us to the point of shivering. Without healing.

The big thrill summer mix

What do music summer mix, food and drugs have in common? The reward is the release of dopamine from the brain, causing a real « thrill » of pleasure.
The proof with brain imaging work conducted in 2011 by the team of Robert Zatorre, MacGill University in Montreal (Canada). Since then, these researchers have also demonstrated the essential role of memory in this sensation of musical thrill.
« Its intensity is indeed stronger than the first listening was positive », explains Hervé Platel, neuropsychologist at the University of Caen Normandie.
« Its intensity is indeed all the stronger when the first listening was positive », explains However, for 3 to 5% of the population, it will never happen, and this due to a lack of connectivity between different brain regions. We talk about musical anhedonia, an inability to feel the slightest emotion when listening to a melody. Platel, neuropsychologist at the University of Caen Normandie.
In order to verify its effects on the well-being of patients, WHO specialists analyzed nearly 900 studies. And the list they managed to establish is long: reduction of anxiety and pain, lowering of blood pressure, reduction of certain side effects due to cancer treatments (nausea, tiredness).
With dancing, it is the improvement in motor scores of people with Parkinson’s disease or victims of stroke that has been seen. As for singing, it allows to better re-educate the respiratory function and the language.
Not to mention an improvement in the quality of life for all patients and working conditions for caregivers, delighted by these musical breaks.
Result: many hospital services in France now call on music summer mix in all its forms: neonatal units, pediatrics, geriatrics, but also neuropsychiatry, neurological rehabilitation, palliative care, pain centers, operating theaters, intensive care rooms, emergencies … diversity found in the modes of intervention, whether it is live performance by musicians or listening to recordings thanks to applications offering selected pieces such as Musi-Care, used in many hospitals in France.